sabbia-nella-maniIn an obese child, the risks of becoming unwell are greatly increased. An obese child is not a healthy child.  Although these words may seem alarming, unfortunately they correspond to the truth.  An obese child carries a higher risk than a normal weight child of developing high blood pressure and changes in the control mechanism of glycemia (from simple glucose intolerance, right up to Type 2 diabetes).  Furthermore, the child exhibits higher levels of triglycerides and “bad” cholesterol (LDL) in the blood and a reduction in “good” cholesterol (HDL).  It should be remembered that a build-up of cholesterol in the artery walls is the main cause of atherosclerosis.  Obesity is the most significant risk factor regarding sicknesses such as heart attack, hypertension, stroke and kidney failure. Given how slowly the damage caused by obesity takes to become apparent, the sicknesses listed above occur mostly in adulthood.  However, while the onset of symptoms typically occurs from around 40- 50 years of age in non-obese people, in patients who have been obese since childhood, problems arise at 20-30 years of age and, ever more frequently, already in adolescence.


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