During her visit to La Ghirada, Valentina Vezzali chaired the annual shareholders’ meeting of Laboratorio 0246, where the many ideas which have already been implemented and those in the development pDSC_7823 2rocess where summarized.

The champion is President of Laboratorio 0246 – An Association for Social Promotion, since 2011 where she promotes the importance of developing motor skills in children from 0 to 6 years. Valentina’s role is an important one, who even in her current role as a parliamentarian, is committed to trying to increase and improve the practice of sports and motor-skills programs in schools nationwide.

“The playground Primo Sport 0246 is now a reference point for many preschools in the province of Treviso. In little more than three years, we have hosted approximately 10,000 children and our research project on child psychomotility, conducted with the University of Verona, continues with great interest from the scientific community.”

“And now, with the opening of the playground Primo Sport 0246 in Rome we are expanding our horizons.” Thus the Managing Director of Laboratorio 0246, Giorgio Buzzavo, makes an initial assessment of the activities of the playground Primo Sport, in occasion of the Olympians visit.

“I am pleased that the model Primo Sport 0246 was exported to Rome” comments Valentina Vezzali ” also because I know that it is gaining great acclaim, a testament to the importance of how motor activity needs to become a daily habit, which must be developed from a very early age”.

In fact, inaugurated this summer in Rome, Primo Sport 0246’s “twin” from La Ghirada to the heart of the capital, in viale Tiziano.

Laboratorio 0246 is activating, in collaboration with CONI, the same kind of activities conducted in La Ghirada. In fact, just last week, the first preschools in Rome, guided by a qualified staff , participated in motor activity within the playground Primo Sport 0246. This November will host about 250 children, from February until the end of June 2014 visits will be intensified, involving a greater number of preschools.