1. I comandamenti del bambinoOrganize space in your home so that the child can
play and move freely


2Make sure that every experience run by the child
is an experience of success


3Follow the child during the game while respecting
the spirit of initiative and independence


4Offer time and space for the child to play freely


5Create conditions for the child to have fun
because the pleasure of doing something develops motivation and learning


6For the acquisition of motor skills, create conditions
where the child is able to modulate frequency, intensity
and duration of the motor experience


7Offer opportunities where the child is able to improve their dexterity, mobility and balance


PP_crisPropose games suitable for the child’s motor skills


9Structure the environment and choose materials that allow the child to
experience different situations in all areas of motor skill development


10The clothing of the child must be suitable for the motor activity at hand