Prof. Guido Fumagalli and Dr Tortella of the Center for Research on Motor Development in Childhood from the University of Verona, are also conducting a new study on the relation between motor and cognitive skills, in particular executive functions, in children 4-5 years old who attend the playground Primo Sport 0246.

Children from five kindergardens in Treviso will come to the park once a week for 10 weeks to engage in both free and semi-structured play. Tests are carried out at the beginning and end of the period, to verify the levels of different skills.
The porject is a very advanced study, which aims to define the best teaching methods to improve motor skills and those cognitive processes that promote learning in primary schools.

In this space you will be given information about the progress of the research project

The topics to our research and other matters of interest will be discussed with teachers and parents. Topic discussed in the scientific forum will be further elaborated here.

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