RESEARCH PROJECT The playground Primo Sport 0246 is the arena of an ongoing research project involving a large numbers of preschoolers of Treviso and surroundings. The research is conducted by the team of Prof. Guido Fumagalli of the University of Verona in collaboration with Laboratorio 0246, our Non-profit association, and CONI of Treviso. The object of the investigation is the development of motor skills in preschoolers and the possible role of the playground and of educators as facilitators of skill acquisition. Children are observed while they performe physical activities in the form of games at school and in the playground Primo Sport 0246.

Progetto scuole nei parchi Primo Sport - At

Each child visits the playground with his/her school 10 times; during each visit he/she is allowed to freely play for 30 minutes and then he/she will be guided by the CONI Instructors to practice with the different instruments for another 30 minutes. During these minutes the child will train the ability to use hands and arms. At the end of the cycle of 10 visits, the capacity to perform physical activities with hands and the accuracy in using pens and pencils are measured. One of the main aim of the project is to investigate how motor experiences at the playground may improve writing skills.



To all the other schools that do not participate to the research project, Laboratorio 0246 offers free visits of the playground. CONI Instructors follow the children and guide them in the use of the instruments for a couple of hours of pure fun based on motor activity.

For more information or to join the “Schools Project” of  Laboratorio 0246 just send an e-mail to or call us at 0422 324310


Why should a child be EVALUATED? (question by a parent)

Evaluate means “to give value”, that is to highlight the capacities owned by the child and define the level of his/her abilities in a positive sense. Evaluation is also a mean to determine whether what you are doing is indeed proceeding as intended. Under this perspective, there can be no NEGATIVE EVALUATION as the term would indicate a missing ability. On the contrary, a positive evaluation is needed to define the starting point of your educational track. If you have an understanding or knowledge of what the child can do, then you will be able to design the best path and situations to improve the child skills through successful experiences.

We must therefore look with interest to evaluation and forget the bad experiences linked to the old approach to evaluation: the time of judgment.

To answer the question of the parent, we state that evaluation is the mean by which we improve both for the Playground and our teaching capacities. For example, in the past year we have conducted an extended evaluation of the instruments present in Primo Sport Playground; our goal was to determine which were the most useful and effective in terms of child motor development. This knowledge will be useful when building the new Primo Sport playgrounds in Verona, Rome, Milan, Parma, Florence and Jesi. In addition, our observation helped us to improve some of the instrument present in our playground. As an example, consider the instrument dedicated to dexterity/manual skills in the image below. Last year no children played on this structure during the 30 min of free play; during the remaining 30 minutes of semi-structured activities only some of children managed to accomplish some brachiation (gait with the hands along the horizontal scale). One of the conclusion reached because these observation was that the children have a poor MANUAL capacity (strength of the fingers, hands, arms, shoulders) and that special programmes should be organized to fix this problem.


At the same time, the research team, directed by Prof. Fumagalli decided to modify the instrument by lowering its height of approximately 50 cm. Now, during free play you can find that even 3-4 years old children use the instrument with joy. When followed by the instructors during the semi-structured activities a large number of children can perform several brachiation. The evaluations performed last year and this year have allowed us to modify our idea on poor manual capacities and to adapt to a better and wider use an instrument that is very important for improving the strength of arms and hands of children.

The following institutes have already joined the “Schools Project” at the Children’s Playground Primo Sport 0246 in Treviso:

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Nursery School “Monument to the Fallen” – Zero Branco TV
Nursery School “Rubinato” – TV
Nursery School “Sacred Heart” – Pezzan of Carbonera TV
National Nursery School – Cendon of Silea TV
National Nursery School – Mignagola of Carbonera TV
Nursery School of Campodipietra – Salgareda TV
Nursery School of S. Paul G. E. S.C. A. L. – TV
nursery school of St. Joseph – TV
nursery school in Via Beazzano – TV
nursery school of Via San Bartolomeo – TV
Nursery School Via Tezzone – TV
Nursery School “Barbisan” – TV
Nursery School “Divine Providence” – TV
Nursery School “E. Scored” – Silsden Sant’Urbano TV
Nursery School “Filippin” – Paderno del Grappa TV
Nursery School “Garden of Childhood” – Nedlands
Nursery School “Monsignor Zangrando” – Breda di Piave TV
Nursery School “Monument to the Fallen” – Saletto of Breda di Piave TV
Nursery School “San Giuseppe” – San Biagio di Callalta TV
Nursery School “San Liberal” – TV
Nursery School “St Pius X” – Conegliano TV
Nursery School of Fanzolo – Fanzolo TV
nursery school to Istrana – Istrana TV
School of the Childhood of Porcellengo – Porcellengo TV
Nursery School of Treville di – Castelfranco TV
Nursery School “Cervellini” – TV
Nursery School “Christ the King” – TV
Nursery School “John Bosco” – Conegliano TV
Nursery School “Graziano Appiani” – TV
Nursery School “Mary Montessori” – Quito TV
Nursery School “Maria Bambina” – TV
Nursery School “Maria Bambina” – Quito TV
Nursery School “Try” – TV
Nursery School “Rodari” – TV
Nursery School “S. John Bosco” – Pezzan to Istrana TV
Nursery School “S. Joseph” -“, Spercenigo TV
Nursery School in Bibano – Silsden S. U. TV
Primary School “Anne Frank” – TV
Primary School “Bindoni” – TV
Primary School “C. Collodi” – Mogliano Veneto TV
Primary School “De Amicis” – TV
Primary School “Don Milani” – TV
Primary School “G. Marconi” – Monastier di TV
Primary School “G. Pascoli” – TV
Primary School “Gabelli” – TV
Primary School “I Maggio” – TV
Primary School “S. Francesco D’Assisi” – TV Casier
Primary School State – Lanzago of Silea TV
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Primary School State – Ponzano TV
Primary School State – Resana TV
Nursery School ‘Fra’ Claudio” – TV
Rainbow’s Nest – TV