Do you know how many disposable diapers a child can consume in the first three years? Up to 6000. And how many trees are needed to produce disposable diapers for one child? About 10.

For the sake of the children and the environment local administrations have began to propose economic advantages for young families that pass to reusable diapers.

Chivasso, Rondissone and Verolengo are the first three towns to have joined the project sponsored by the Province of Turin, for years promoting the use of washable diapers through the realization of special agreements with major manufacturers and offering discounts for families that can be used in stores.

But it is not only the North to move. The town of Narni (Terni), in collaboration with the association Ecologicpoint, kicked-off the 2013-2014 campaign to promote the use of washable diapers. The Umbrian city offers a discount of 50% on the variable cost of Waste Disposal, up to a maximum of 40 € for three years.

The benefits for the family budget are obvious: during the first 2-3 years about 5 thousand diapers “disposable” are purchased for children amounting to a cost of about 1,500 euros while for reusable diapers, the cost would be between 250 to 400 euros.

The aim is to reward all the families who wish to use washable and reusable diapers.

More information on the project in Narni, visit this page: