Laboratorio 0246’s first book, written by the University of Verona in cooperation with the Italian Olympic Committee, offers practical advice and useful suggestions expecially for parents, nutrition and diet, but above all, to favour the correct motor sensory development for children aging 0 – 6 year old.

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To Favour the practice of motor activities for children aging 3-6 years old

A book studied and coordinated by the Research Centre for Early Childhood of the University of Verona, in cooperation with the Universities in Venice, Parma and Cassino, with the aim to aid Primary Schools Teachers in the organization of motor activities in school. A book divided in simple activity outlines and a nice illustrated novel which can be hang up in class and where children can follow the activities to do each time.

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In This second manual written by Prof. Fumagalli and Prof. Tortella of the Research Centre for Early Childhood of University of Verona, the practice of motor activities is combined with the promotion of cognitive abilities.

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bandiera-italiana Italian language