Create adequate play areas

The design and construction of play areas for the age group 0-6 years old is one of the goals of 0246: playgrounds where you can bring children in absolute safety, creates meeting places for the children and their parents, families, teachers.

Playing outdoors is good

From 0 to 6 years old children spend most of their time at home, in nurseries, in primary schools. Sometimes they’d go to a sports centre or a swimming pool. Outdoor activities are very rare, especially because of the lack of available space, particularly parks and playgrounds

Active children, satisfied parents

play areas which provide a rational organization of space give parents peace of mind and allow small children to develop their autonomy by experiencing all the basic conditions necessary for a healthy development of motor skills.

It is important that parents allow children to have different experiences and dom’t limit their imagination or their activities, because it is necessary to experience different situations in order to learn.

A space designed for their needs

Obviously, play areas must be built according to current safety regulations and must have the possibility to experience different games.

An adequate space for children should include:

– areas of mobility, to help the development of skills related to the ability to move within a space; crawling, half crawling, running and jumping.

– Areas of balance, where they can experience the ability to maintain their body in a given position without falling; walking on unstable surfaces, develop their vestibular system, thanks to the stimulation provided by the use of the games.

– Areas for symbolic games, where you can play house, look in the mirror and invent a thousand stories. Imagination is one of the behaviours of awareness that children always use, but this is also a space where they can lie down, sleep or relax.

Meeting places for everybody

areas designed with this criteria are, of course, important also from a social point of view: they become, in fact, meeting places for children as well as their parents. A mothers presence inside the park promotes a sense of security and emotionally gratifies children while they are playing; this is especially true for children under 3 years old who feel at peace and best live their emotions.

Parents, how to behave?

Encourage your child to have different experiences, within their scope, let them face difficulties and  solve small problems alone, help them be independent.