Focusing on the importance of the development process – the growth of a child from the very beginning, physical activity combined with proper nutrition creates the ideal conditions to favour development: these are the basics of a new experience for social responsibility adopted by Laboratorio 0246, a No Profit Association founded in Treviso, Italy, by Verde Sport, a company operating in the Sports Branch of the Benetton Group, who has dedicated its attention to children aging 0-6 and their families.

Laboratorio 0246 is chaired by Valentina Vezzali, 3 time Olympic gold winner in fencing, who supports the noble cause of this no-profit association and its mission: an experience is inspired by the success of Primo Sport 0246, a special playground dedicated to the development of early childhood motor skills. Based in Treviso since 2010, at “La Ghirada” Sports Center, Primo Sport 0246 is located in an area of 2,000 square meters divided into 4 categories (dexterity, mobility, balance, symbolic games) studied by the University of Verona and the Italian Olympic Committee, to promote the development of motor skills in children aging 0 to 6.

The Laboratorio 0246’s activities focus on two sides, both of which may be linked to the typical matters of early childhood.  The first aim focuses on lifestyle and obesity, with the support of a Research Centre specifically created by Verona University to study the problems of early childhood, this goal will consist of educating families and people working with young children, through the production of books and manuals free downloadable from this website.

The second side is to create other playgroundsPrimo Sport 0246” in other cities in Italy, starting from Rome.

These activities are run thanks to the support of prestigious institutional partners, who already support the activities linked to the first goal, and to all those future companies that, in each community where Laboratorio 0246 will propose the building of a Primo Sport 0246 playground, will be able to understand its social value and match the great social responsibility.

The 4 aims of Laboratorio 0246

Create adequate play areas | Promote physical activity | Children and nutrition | Growth and the development of children