The main International Health Organizations recommend at least 60 minutes a day of free play and 60 minutes a day of structured activities supervised by qualified personnel trained in motor activities for children.

New playground PRIMO SPORT 0246 coming soon!


Construction has began for the new playground PRIMO SPORT 0246 for the preschool ” Angeli Custodi “ on 1 Station Street in Gargagnago, Verona. 

Dr. Patrizia Tortella directed the selection and distribution of the games, in line with the “concept” developed together with prof. Guido Fumagalli Director of the Center for Research for Childhood Motor Skills Development at the University of Verona aimed at small children aged 3-6 years old.


The future playground will be organized into three areas: DEXTERITY , MOBILITY ‘ and BALANCE . Dr. Tortella will then guide the teachers on the educational use of the playground, following an operational model developed and verified by Primo Sport 0246 in Treviso. The playground, and the specific educational project that accompany it, promote the development of motor skills, dexterity and balance, in line with the International recommendations on health!