The playground, a meeting place for children of all ages, sex, social background and culture, is conducive to an exchange of learning and mutual imitation.  In a bambini-copriano-le-faccieplayground, children run around, go up and down the same slide over and over again, or just stay in the same place for the whole afternoon. This apparent moment of calm actually requires great concentration by a child. Even going up a slide requires concentration and awareness, as at a certain point other children will also be climbing at the same time. They will need to work out who should go first. Informal rules of how to behave will need to be recognised, so that the children can play together and enjoy themselves. Respect, waiting your turn and showing consideration to others are important aspects of the real world, that need to be deployed in a busy children’s playground.


To learn more you can find this article on page 78 in the book “Primo Sport” downloadable free here.