IMG_6312Despite the storm that struck the capital in the night, on Tuesday morning one of the classes from the preschool Giramondo officially inaugurated the first series of free visits to the playground Primo Sport 0246 in Viale Tiziano!

It has in fact initiated the experimental phase of free guided visits for the schools in Rome, organized by Laboratorio 0246 in collaboration with CONI Lazio, which puts at it’s disposal two mornings a week for the entire month of November, qualified staff that welcomes the children who participate in motor activity at the playground, through play.

After two days of training, with Prof. Patrizia Tortella of University of Verona, the staff of the CONI Lazio was able to launch the guided visits to the playground with children from the Preschool Giramondo, excited to try the games of the playground in Viale Tiziano from a different point of view (many of them, in fact, already frequent the playground since its inauguration in July), learning new ways to play and at the same time developing their basic motor skills.

In the next few days, many other young “adventurers” will experience the emotions of playing outdoors, at the playground Primo Sport 0246 in Viale Tiziano!