Clothes either allow a child to move, or make it difficult to do so.  It depends on what the child is doing, and his age.  For example, a baby mani-nella-sabbiawho is wriggling or crawling does not need shoes: he needs his feet kept free, in order to grip the mat and move.  So, for a baby in its first year of life, the ideal clothes consist of a vest and a nappy, with arms and legs kept naked, so as to be able to grip the mat, preferably made of leatherette, able to wriggle backwards at first and then forwards (of course, this requires both the room and the floor to be kept at a suitable temperature).  A baby who is moving quickly on all fours, putting weight on his knees, is instead more comfortable in a pair of soft trousers, preferably with padded knees. Finally, a child who is walking and running around on different surfaces is fine with a pair of shoes and soft clothing.


To learn more, you can find this article on page 56 in the book “Primo Sport” downloable free here.