In Italy today children are on average overfed. In fact, in nursery schools, a child who is under four tends to be already overweight with mani-monkeybarsrespect to its sex, age and height. One child in ten is frankly obese. There are fewer cases of children who are underweight (<5% of the total.)  Often, parents and grandparents are more worried about their child not eating enough rather than their little one being ” robust”.  On the contrary, a chubby child is considered healthier than a thin one.  These errors of judgment can lead to pathological situations that are important in successive years. A simple way of avoiding mistakes is to consult a paediatrician and have your child’s growth in weight and height measured at least every 6 months, comparing it to benchmarks. This check up is extremely simple and useful. If a child appears to diverge from the typical range, he can be put back on track through nutrition guidance and behaviour advice.  If, instead, there is a greater divergence, then this will be timeconsuming and challenging for the child and family, and the outcome will be more uncertain. Therefore, it is best not to wait but to prevent.


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