What are motor skills?


The European Parliament’s guidance defines a skill as the demonstrable ability to use knowledge and abilities which are personal, social and methodological, within different social situations and for personal development. Skills are described in terms of responsibility and independence. • Initially, a child is able to do basic things, such as starting to crawl; • He then acquires the capability to become faster at it and gains in strength; • Eventually he acquires a competence or skill in crawling, whereby he can perform the manoeuvre in different ways, such as crawling up different types of terrain, uphill, downhill, and surmounting obstacles.

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The 10 Commandments


Organize space in your home so that the child can play and move freely   Make sure that every experience run by the child is an experience of success   Follow the child during the game while respecting the spirit of initiative and independence   Offer time and space for the child to play freely [...]

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Tema del mese eng


Tutti i bambini necessitano di attività fisica regolare per crescere sani. Quale è l’attività fisica più adatta al tuo bambino? L’American Academy of Pediatrics raccomanda che i bambini pratichino almeno 60 minuti al giorno di attività fisica, anche non consecutiva. Promuovere una vita attiva da piccoli aiuta, infatti, a sviluppare l’abitudine ad una vita attiva [...]

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