sabbia-nella-maniA baby starts to play inside his mother’s belly. You will see him, through ultrasound, with his thumb in his mouth, rocking in the amniotic fluid. His world is made up of sensory feeling and movement. Once out of the belly, there are changes in temperature, noise and senses, and the baby needs to re-orientate himself within the world. He desperately needs his mother, or someone else, to love him and help him in this task, because he is not independent and his opportunities depend on the social setting and physical surroundings in which he will grow up. The social setting is comprised of the people that surround the child. The quality of this depends on the atmosphere created and on whether or not the child gets to be with adults, with children and with different kinds of people, and the relationships that spring from there. The physical surroundings are comprised of structures, objects and materials with which he interacts.


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