Each child starts off differently from the other because of its own personal bambini-copriano-le-facciegenetic make-up, and therefore his nervous system and his body are potentially different. Furthermore, each child lives in his own particular physical and social surroundings. Therefore, children are all potentially different in terms of mobility and motor skills. The task of the adult is to take advantage of these differences, creating and preparing all the environmental conditions possible that can help with future growth. If, for example, a child always plays on a beautiful lawn, then in terms of motor development he will be able to run, jump, roll, do somersaults, go on all fours, crawl and really enjoy himself. But he will not be able to climb.  In this sense, the child’s environment should offer different possibilities. The word “environment” here also includes the adults, who need to understand correctly how to fit the social and physical environment to the growth needs of the child. It should be full of those “zones of next development” which are so important in the development of new skills.

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