Type 2 diabetes on the rise among children due to overweight and obesity. Physical activity and proper nutrition help. The advice of the Paediatric Clinic at Luigi Sacco Hospital in Milan.

No drugs to counteract the increasing cases of diabetes among children. “Physical activity, says Andrea Scaramuzza, Director of the Department of Diabetology, Metabolism and Nutrition Disorders of the Paediatric Clinic at Luigi Sacco Hospital in Milan – leads to an improvement of insulin sensitivity and reduces cholesterol and triglycerides”.

A balanced diet and regular physical activity, in relation on ones’ age, are confirmed winning strategies for young children affected by diabetes: it helps control type 1 and prevents the onset of type 2. Which sport? At every age it’s physical exercise, specifies Andrea Scaramuzza. Between 3 and 5 years only recreational activities (running, playing, jumping and doing somersaults).

The benefits of a sporting activity will be seen especially in adulthood with a better control of the diseases related to diabetes, among these retinopathies and renal disorders of whose recent statistics attest a reduction of 35 %. Not to mention that sport itself improves self-esteem by teaching us to accept the disease with everything that it entails (moments of physical weakness, insulin therapy and regular checks of glucose levels) even in front of team-mates.

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