How is children’s motor development perceived?


In Western culture, motor development of children is seen as part of natural development. Therefore, it is taken for granted and proceeds relatively free of any framework. But in countries where a child needs to learn quickly how to fend for himself, greater attention is paid (more or less consciously) to motor development and adults direct themselves towards pushing forward a rapid and effective motor development of the child. Scientific research on motor development and practices, conducted in different countries, makes it possible to appreciate how great the differences are between cultures in terms of attention to motor development.

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Active games and the risk of harm: what can be done about it?


Recent studies reveal that in a developing baby and young child, the ability to recognize danger is strongly correlated with the development of motor skills. A baby who is adept at crawling will, when faced with a drop, stop and turn around, while a beginner will fall over it. The same behaviour is repeated when the same baby learns to walk and is exposed to an identical situation: a beginner will fall over it, while an adept walker will avoid it.

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Is it true that obesity is widespread?


In the USA, over the past 15 years, there has been a dramatic increase in the number of obese individuals. At the base of this sudden change in the physique of Americans (but not just Americans) are bad nutrition habits and the spread of a lifestyle in which physical activity is neglected or drastically reduced. Since Italy generally follows the USA when it comes to lifestyle habits, we can predict that obesity will become more widespread amongst us too. The available data, presented in Figure 4, is alarming.

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Is there a relationship between motor and cognitive development?


The issue of a relationship between motor and cognitive development is an open one. Sternberg states that we are made up of three forms of intelligence, which require adequate space to function: analytical intelligence, creative intelligence and practical intelligence. During play, these three forms of intelligence operate together at the same time. In particular, creative and practical intelligence come into action during complex situations. There is also Gardner’s theory of body-aesthetic intelligence to consider, which proposes that some children are more naturally pre-disposed than others, for example in finding solutions to activity-based games or in creating new games.

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Mini Playground 0246 also at a school in Gargagnago


Gargagnago Nov 21. 2013 – The preschool "Angeli Custodi" organized a meeting and presented to the parents the educational project to have a mini playground "Primo Sport 0246 ". During the evening, the professors of the University of Verona, Dr. Tortella and Professor Fumagalli, creators of the playgrounds "Primo Sport 0246" presented the project which will be realized at the preschool.

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